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Why The XLS?

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My name is Seth David and I learned how to use Lotus 123 back when I was in high school. For some reason I was fascinated by this. During High school I won awards for projects involving graphing the trig functions and I also wrote a computer program that won me an entry into the local Math fair. I know this sounds real exciting, and if you’re a nerd like me, it is real exciting. Eventually I learned Excel and today I use it for everything from organizing information to developing complex financial models for some fairly large companies, some of whom you have no doubt heard of, but of course I cannot mention names here.

My mission is to help people who are overwhelmed by the prospect of learning to use excel to manage their business or even personal financial and other information. This is the place – your forum if you will for posting questions about how to do things in MS Excel. I will post the answers and I will post articles from time to time about how to do various things. There will also be an “Upcoming Events” page directed at informing you about when I will be hosting live webinars in which I will field questions about how to do things in excel.

Please feel free to take advantage of this site as your excel resource.



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Welcome to The XLS – A Microsoft Excel Resource

June 24, 2009 Leave a comment


Does this scare you?


Not only doesn’t it have to, it can become your best friend. We can help. Comment on this post and ask your questions, well get you some answers.