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How To Calculate Quantity Price Breaks


If you are in the business of selling products then you will find this tutorial very useful. The excel template we go over here will enable you to lay out your price break ranges and set up a table so that you can populate an estimate that will look up the price when a quantity is entered and calculate the total taking into account that over certain quantities, the unit price goes down. In the web cast we teach you how to write the formula that accomplishes this. You can use this concept in a more sophisticated design of your own – or you can download the enhanced template from our learning center and use it however you like. The version in the learning center is a much more enhanced version that includes an estimate form you can populate with your own items in a drop-down. It also of course has a link to this tutorial so you can watch it as often as you need to.

If you sell products then you know it is a violation of UCC Code to charge different prices to different customers for products, unless you justify it with a quantity discount. QuickBooks will not calculate this for you – you would have to set up different items for each price level. At the same time it is very common to offer price break points as an inducement to get clients to purchase a larger quantity thereby increasing your total sales volume. You can adjust the prices as well as the break points. When you do purchase the template (Only $25.00 in our learning center) we recommend you save a master copy in case you mess up the formatting or just want to start over.

Please enjoy the web cast.


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