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Tracking Your Credit Card Information

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

On 9/17/08 we recorded a web cast that showed you how to do some simple yet powerful things in terms of tracking information.

MS Excel is a great tool for keeping track of any information that can be listed. Credit Cards are a great example. In this web cast we show you how to set up a dashboard showing you each of your credit cards and all of the relevant and important information so that when you need to you can manage your credit cards from one convenient place. We also demonstrate some advanced formatting for dates and phone #’s. Also when it comes to credit cards the utilization is an important thing to understand and be aware of and in this example we show you and explain to you how this works and how it is calculated.

Formatting your forms in MS Excel is very important to make your information presentable and easy to read. Also by using Data Filters you can easily isolate important information. We show you how to do these things in this web cast.

Please enjoy the video web cast here:

For a much more advanced version of what we create during this web cast and a related tutorial on how to use it, click here: