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Setting Goals and Tracking Progress – Using Excel to track progress at the gym

January 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Web Cast Date: 1/14/09


Running Time: 00:19:57

It’s important to be humble enough to recognize that I don’t know everything. Based on that I seek help in areas of my life that are important to me. The Gym is one example. This was my web cast from Jan 14, 2009 – just about a year ago. I am no longer working with the trainer – cut-backs.

Microsoft Excel is the tool that I use to track progress on anything that involves numbers. It is made for this sort of thing so that makes the most sense. In this web cast I show you how to use MS Excel to enter the statistics and then graph them. I also show you how to change the parameters on the graph to be sure you are tracking your progress with meaningful results. This not only allows me to track progress but it also gives me the opportunity to analyze the information and make sure I understand it. As you will see I can look at the graph and see things that won’t be as obvious from only looking at the numbers. Then I can ask questions if things don’t make sense to me.

When setting goals it will be difficult to gauge my progress without doing something at some regular intervals to stop and look at where I was when I started compared with where I am today. It is useless in life to compare myself to others and very meaningful to compare myself today to myself yesterday so that I am always sure I am growing and improving. Even if I see a setback, I am still growing because I am taking the time to measure my progress and this way I can make corrections – changing the actions to change the results!

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for financial analysis. This is an example of something non-financial where excel is also a GREAT tool to use for tracking and analysis.