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Introduction to Pivot Tables

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Pivot tables in excel are not really all that different in concept from when a basketball player pivots on one foot after he (OR SHE) has stopped dribbling (not drooling). The idea is that you stop on one piece of data and then focus on the surroundings. Then you can describe your surroundings with other pieces of data in terms of your columns and rows. In the web cast here we show you how to start using pivot tables using sample data (of course J) based on an export from a QuickBooks file. We show you how you can begin to describe sales data in powerful and meaningful ways using pivot tables.

We begin with a regular table filled with Data:

Then go to your Insert tab and choose Pivot Table:

Next you will select your range (Excel will recognize your table as the range) and you will be presented with some options as well as the opportunity to re-define your range in case Excel was wrong L.

Once you click ‘ok’ excel will insert a new sheet with the layout for the pivot table. Now you’re ready to get started building the pivot table based on your data.

The Video Web Cast will give you a clear introduction on this.

You can watch it here (from the Youtube insert) or for a better quality version, watch the original unfiltered web cast as seen directly from our home website here: Microsoft Excel –Introduction to Pivot tables